BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.2-hotfixdocumentation and version update for releaseJaromil6 years
arch-travissecond testJaromil5 months
cleanupmessage fixJaromil3 years
fix-163Remove tabshellekin2 years
fix-198Use the pipe, luke (fixes #198)hellekin2 years
fix_147Normalize variable nameshellekin3 years
fix_181Address non-zero exit code on mount attempthellekin2 years
gnupg-delegationdetect .gpg file extension and avoid handling password (delagates gnupg) hypo...Jaromil2 years
masterMerge pull request #261 from Narrat/missing_lsof_stuff_2Jaromil12 days
new_creationnew lookup for mounted tombs fully adoptedJaromil4 years
swishmore swish indexing fixesJaromil4 years
whitespace-cleanupadded spanish string translations by @gdrooidJaromil3 years