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* implemented new better random modeEdwin Eefting2013-01-251-4/+4
* improving random modeEdwin Eefting2013-01-251-2/+2
* added semi random mode. navigator is buggy with empty dirs againEdwin Eefting2013-01-241-0/+21
* mouse scrollingEdwin Eefting2013-01-231-9/+26
* improved directory navigatorEdwin Eefting2013-01-231-13/+75
* working on more webgui nowEdwin Eefting2013-01-231-2/+39
* finished prev/next paths implementationEdwin Eefting2013-01-231-4/+4
* fixes in escaping root dirEdwin Eefting2013-01-221-1/+1
* dir entering and exiting working, except for rootpath bugEdwin Eefting2013-01-211-4/+66
* mp webinterface thingy basics workingEdwin Eefting2013-01-211-0/+83
* auth fixes for paperEdwin Eefting2012-12-242-7/+2
* mergedEdwin Eefting2012-12-2413-571/+1494
| * fixed for nurdspaceEdwin Eefting2012-11-294-101/+589
| * improved debugging/status pageEdwin Eefting2012-11-292-24/+28
| * forgot some libsEdwin Eefting2012-11-092-0/+181
| * modfied for nurdspaceEdwin Eefting2012-11-061-11/+37
| * new stuffEdwin Eefting2012-03-051-0/+295
| * working on auth gui stuffEdwin Eefting2012-03-032-431/+185
| * putting rights stuff in guiEdwin Eefting2012-02-231-77/+104
| * bare basics of authentication worksEdwin Eefting2012-02-231-70/+56
| * big changes for paper and documentationEdwin Eefting2012-02-051-1/+0
| * various asterisk fixesEdwin Eefting2011-09-272-6/+6
| * blaEdwin Eefting2011-08-141-0/+17
| * added draggable sliders and backgroundEdwin Eefting2011-08-131-14/+67
| * fix console in FFEdwin Eefting2011-08-132-8/+3
| * fixesEdwin Eefting2011-08-131-6/+24
| * it works w00tEdwin Eefting2011-08-121-3/+15
| * baseEdwin Eefting2011-08-121-0/+68
* | fixes for asteriskEdwin Eefting2012-12-242-2/+3
* added directory navigationEdwin Eefting2011-06-251-1/+5
* created base of pl module. needs debuggingEdwin Eefting2011-05-191-2/+3
* working on pl module, only non recursive next works nowEdwin Eefting2011-05-181-1/+1
* paper auth picsEdwin Eefting2011-05-184-0/+0
* paper fixes for framework changesEdwin Eefting2011-05-184-7/+13
* betere marquee emulatieEdwin Eefting2011-05-101-0/+4
* betere marquee emulatieEdwin Eefting2011-05-101-2/+0
* betere marquee emulatieEdwin Eefting2011-05-101-6/+68
* twitbar basics are workingEdwin Eefting2011-05-061-1/+1
* first its time for a seperate oauth moduleEdwin Eefting2011-04-301-14/+0
* posting finally works. (oauth array issue)Edwin Eefting2011-04-301-15/+14
* fixed curl signing. twitter now returning accesstoken,but still a bug in post...Edwin Eefting2011-04-301-22/+43
* oauth popup window with simple url callbackEdwin Eefting2011-04-291-0/+32
* twitter popup done. moved javascript libraries to /lib. adding/fixing postsup...Edwin Eefting2011-04-298-211/+280
* blaEdwin Eefting2011-04-281-0/+1
* working on oauth exchange. fixed some bugs as wellEdwin Eefting2011-04-282-4/+138
* working on some password gui stuffEdwin Eefting2011-03-231-8/+27
* added premature login dialogEdwin Eefting2011-03-162-37/+89
* client now autenticates. change reloading of drawings to wait when we have vi...Edwin Eefting2011-03-162-32/+88
* started working on the client side of authenticationEdwin Eefting2011-03-152-26/+48
* splitup common javascript stuff. added clientid stuff for paperEdwin Eefting2011-03-075-41/+15