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@@ -5,3 +5,7 @@ There are a number of NuGet packages required to compile. Several inject source
I have packaged most of the necessary packages [here]( (you won't need all of these). You will also need various [Boost packages](, also available via NuGet.
It's easy to identify the necessary packages, just inspect the project's `packages.config` file.
+There are also dependencies on [libbitcoin](, [libwallet]( and [obelisk]( These are not yet packaged on NuGet. You will need to git these and build them each in sibling repo directories this this repo (by default).
+Note that the dynamic builds are available but are not yet functional. The develop branch is more current and it contains a build script for all non-dynamic build variants. Note that if you use the develop branch you must use it for the libbitcoin repositories as well.