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+The `CTP_Nov2013` compiler is required due to the use of **C++11/14** features. You can [download the compiler add-on here](
+There are a number of NuGet packages required to compile. Several inject source code into the build, others are required for resolving references and linking. I have the NuGet references to my local (relative) NuGet repo embedded in the project files. Since you don't have the packages in that location NuGet will produce errors.
+After you pull down the referenced packages you will still have one set of issues (which I am working on). In our set of dependencies there are four packages that reference a compiled library where the package does not have a version compiled for `CTP_Nov2013` compiler. This causes linkage to fail. That can be hacked around, but the result (based on my testing) is a runtime failure when the library is entered. I have determined that this is because the libraries are compiled for `VC100` (VS2010) and `VC110` (VS2012), which should not be compatible with `VC120` (VS2013). I am in the process of building NuGet packages for all dependencies as `VC120`, since this will link properly with CTP_Nov2013.
+The packages that I've completed are visible [here](, specifically the ones ending in **_vc120**. There are four remaining (to support **libbitcoin**, **libwallet**, **obelisk** and **sx**): **cURL**, **libssh2**, **openssl** and **zlib**. Once those are complete I will package the libbitcoin libs for NuGet as well. Ultimately I would like to produce C# bindings for the libs.