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* trying to override github language detectionHEADmasterxant2015-04-024-0/+7
* using OSSpinLock instead of NSLock gains in performancesxant2013-12-0821-453/+428
* expose load() in the global contextAndrea Guzzo2013-09-274-66/+39
* cosmeticsxant2013-09-268-29/+25
* just some more accessors exposing more data to javascriptxant2013-09-264-13/+38
* no need for those private variables anymorexant2013-09-261-1/+1
* minor cleaningsxant2013-09-261-4/+8
* ensure propagating mouse events to the cli application (NSApplication needed ...xant2013-09-268-10/+75
* the jmx-cli now worksAndrea Guzzo2013-09-2616-67/+95
* some more work ....still not workingcmdlineAndrea Guzzo2013-09-253-3/+18
* WIP on the cli toolAndrea Guzzo2013-09-257-17/+398
* invertYCoordinates is now true by defaultxant2013-09-244-1/+4
* added locks to avoid race conditions when touching the timers arrayxant2013-09-232-37/+47
* handle internal timers directly instead of using NSRunloop's much fasterxant2013-09-236-119/+119
* use internal timers instead of node.js onesAndrea Guzzo2013-09-223-28/+44
* leftover while debuggingxant2013-07-131-1/+1
* JMXAudioDumper belongs only to the JMXCore targetxant2013-07-121-2/+0
* re-enabled some locks since timers are now executed from a different threadxant2013-07-125-101/+114
* missing files from nodejs + the actual patch applied when imported to the jmx...Andrea Guzzo2013-07-126-0/+306
* inizialize nodejs properly and fixed various issues with the javascript after...xant2013-07-124-22/+24
* minor changes to node.js to have timeouts and intervals working again properl...xant2013-07-121-3/+30
* fixed all the issues reported from the analyzerxant2013-07-1142-112/+192
* suppressed some warnings by doing explicit castsxant2013-07-1123-53/+69
* JMXCore is now a frameworkxant2013-07-1113-449/+869
* restored the output console ... it's kind of an hack for nowAndrea Guzzo2013-07-111-3/+9
* fixed both node.js and jmx.js initializationAndrea Guzzo2013-07-1116-51/+152
* JMXAudioDumper has been added back to the mixxant2013-07-103-4/+6
* this directory was leftover because of a .gitignore rulexant2013-07-106-0/+1146
* Merge branch 'gui_split'xant2013-07-107556-94421/+1829201
| * ensure initializing the alphafade filterxant2013-07-102-0/+8
| * nodejs and v8 are now built separately using their own makefilesxant2013-07-1047-29321/+61
| * fixed the project to include the correct v8 header fileAndrea Guzzo2013-07-0912-120/+104
| * the core now builds without warningsAndrea Guzzo2013-07-0928-83/+81
| * more work in integrating the new nodejsxant2013-07-099-110/+72
| * missing forward declarationsAndrea Guzzo2013-07-081-1/+2
| * massive project refactoring (WIP)Andrea Guzzo2013-07-087529-78391/+1842337
| * work in progress on splitting the gui from the coreAndrea Guzzo2013-03-0155-728/+871
* | audio dumper + debugging the spectrum analyzerxant2013-07-088-9/+107
* fixed a major leakxant2012-12-121-2/+0
* minor cleanings and adjustments to avoid warnings in the new xcodexant2012-12-1012-48/+73
* allow to use the new tone generatorxant2012-12-101-0/+2
* new entity to generate arbitrary tonesxant2012-12-103-1/+150
* minor fixesxant2012-12-101-2/+2
* simplify implementation and make it work through a passive pinxant2012-12-102-125/+8
* allow to provide a signal signature to use to provide passive data from outpu...xant2012-12-101-8/+13
* switched to lockless operations using OSAtomicIncrement32xant2012-06-152-12/+8
* no need to use locks when OSAtomicIncrement32 is being usedxant2012-06-151-8/+6
* avoid recursive locksxant2012-06-155-5/+5
* proper locking in the currentFrame accessorsxant2012-06-151-9/+3
* execute all javascript timers in the same threadxant2012-06-151-24/+61