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* left behind on pgm updateHEADmasterJaromil2013-03-061-0/+84
* updated to libpgm 5.2.122Jaromil2013-03-05101-502/+7025
* updated to latest 0mq 2.2 in git (contains fixes to pgm)Jaromil2013-03-0524-97/+367
* fflush logging correctly and versioningJaromil2012-05-311-0/+11
* calculate length with ffmpeg and force stop+stop after movie length expiresJaromil2012-05-311-57/+81
* commandline to specify network interfaceJaromil2012-05-191-4/+10
* added manually specified pgm addressJaromil2012-05-191-3/+13
* 0mq updated to 2.2.0Jaromil2012-05-1913-22/+583
* documentation update and build cleanupJaromil2012-05-097-4/+30
* code cleanup after rewrite, removed netcat and older toolsJaromil2012-05-0923-4636/+1
* looping works, also running over 4 hoursJaromil2012-05-092-3/+62
* code flow cleanup and clean exitJaromil2012-05-081-90/+96
* completed rewrite, first testing stageJaromil2012-04-181-129/+72
* code cleanup and network debug (WIP)Jaromil2012-04-171-306/+387
* removed some compile warningsJaromil2012-04-172-2/+2
* integrated 0mq handshake in hdsync. dryrun test syncs wellJaromil2012-04-116-276/+531
* handshake counts unique listeners until goal reachedJaromil2012-04-101-11/+50
* perfectioned handshake with auto generated pgm addressesJaromil2012-04-101-16/+62
* test handshake in pgm broadcastJaromil2012-03-062-3/+112
* included a fully featured 0mqJaromil2012-02-21294-1/+68049
* documentation update for releasev0.6.0Jaromil2011-10-281-0/+3
* new hdsync cli interface to avremoteJaromil2011-08-183-12/+243
* compiles hdsync dependent from avremote sourcebaseJaromil2011-08-162-7/+20
* updated to latest avremote 0.4 codebaseJaromil2011-08-165-77/+155
* now using avremote in hdsyncJaromil2011-04-198-181/+730
* new avremote utilityJaromil2011-04-122-1/+280
* first commitJaromil2010-06-0813-0/+3792