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-The mantainer of WDLXTV_OPTWARE is Denis Roio <>
+The mantainer of WDLXTV_OPTWARE is Denis Roio <>
-Optware install script originally written by Leon Kos
+Parts of the optware install scripts were written by Leon Kos
This software is packaged to run on B-rad's WDLXTV firmware and
benefits by the research and development of the community.
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-To install optware run:
+Optware port for the WDLXTV Firmware
For more information on Optware and all the software it provides:
-This optware port is made for
- the WDLXTV firmware running on WDTV HD Live hardware
+This optware port is made for the WDLXTV firmware
+ running on WDTV HD Live hardware, see
+Installs in 4 simple steps:
+- format usb storage with ext3
+- put the in it
+- login from telnet or ssh
+- type
+Please note that:
+- the usb storage *needs* to be ext3 formatted
+ but this doesn't means that you need the ext3 version of firmware
+- this port builds the /opt directory inside your usb storage
+ (there could be more options in future, to use NFS for instance)
+Like to contribute? check in the forum thread:
OptWare scripts for WDLXTV are Copyleft
(C) 2010 Denis Roio <>